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Whenever you are out buying groceries and are about to pay, you encounter a rack of newspapers and magazines. Most of the time the front page is covered with advice to loose wight, but some times theese same newspapers got intresting articles about things like conflicts in the world.


The power of the medias is hougnormus. Today most of our knowlege of whats going on outside our own world comes from the media. Witch point of angle they choose to report from effects the way we look on the case. One examole of this is the armed conflict in Syria. The first years the public oppinion in norway was that the revolution was a good thing and we were sympathic with the rebellions. But for a couple

English around the world


Canada is originally an British/French colony and today about 77% of the Canadian population speaks English as first language. Since it have been an British and French colony the Canadian English has been influenced a lot from these two languages. Even tough British and French have influenced the language a lot, Canadian English still got the greatest connection to American English. The American English is often referred to as north American English because people with English as an second language often find it very difficult to separate the Canadian on American English. One of the thing that is really characteristic for the Canadian dialect is the pronunciation of “-out” witch is often pronounced “-oot” or “-oat”, just like they pronounce it in Scotland.


Just like Canada India were an British colony until it broke free in 1947. about 40% of the Indian population speaks Hindu as main language and together with Hindu English is the official language, but they got 22 official regional languages. You can disguise the Indian English accent particularly by their pronunciation of “r” witch they pronounce like “L”. Her is a video that illustrates Indian English:


British English is distinguished by the politeness of the accent. “Please” is frequently used and” Mr./miss” is also commonly used. Even though the politeness of the language is easily recognizable, the pronunciation of the vocals is a more certain factor. Englishmen often “drag” out a lot of the vocals.

What Did I Learn Today?

Jeremy Gilley is an English actor born in 1969. He grew up in South Hampton and started acting professionally when he was 17 years old. He acted until 1994 when he started P.U.R.E-productions witch is a film making company. In 1998 he made a film called ” Peace One Day”. The documentary was about making an annual day that would be an international non-violence and ceasefire day.  And in 1999 Jeremy founded the non profit organization “Peace One Day”. In 2001 his work got acknowledged when he reached his goal and the UN recognized the 21. of September as an international non-violence and ceasefire day.

So far the day has been a success and a lot of people all around the world recognizes the day. In Afghanistan 2008 it was measured an 70% reduction in violent acts, and 1.6 million children got vaccinated against polio on the 21. of September as an effect of Gilley, his organization and UN’s work. In the year after (2009) the Taliban announced that they would not harm or stop any humanitarian workers the 21. September. That led to the vaccination of almost 1.2 million children in eight different provinces in Afghanistan.Peace_one_day_logo

Even though the day have led to large international actions The day is also about contributing to peace in your neighborhood. The ultimate goal for the founder of peace one day is for the whole world to recognize the day as a day of ultimate peace with no bulling or conflict.

Summed up what I learned today was that world peace is not an unachievable goal. Even though it is just for a day, we could do wonderful humanitarian work without the world in conflict. What we saw in Afghanistan is just the beginning of what we could achieve if Gilley and his foundation keeps on working for the day of global peace.

Sources: Jeremy Gilley,

Why I would recommend studying abroad

Today our teacher was, so we had a substitute teacher. She had both studied and worked abroad so we got the task to interview her and write a post with the title ” why I would/ would not  recommend to study/work abroad”. After the interview I decided to write a post with the title “why I would recommend studying abroad”.

The last century the world have been more and more linked together. Inventions like the telephone, internet and airplanes have made travel and communication between countries and continents easier the ever. With this so called globalization, large companies have began to become international and multilingual employees are in great demand. Therefore an education from several countries would look great on a résumé. Therefore I would recommend everyone who got the opportunity to study abroad.

For some people a good resume is not a good enough reason, so what really set my mind were the responses our substitute teacher gave us when we interviewed her. Our impression were that se had a great time during her time abroad. globalisation2She said that the integration in to the  student environment went relatively smoothly, even tough it were a small cultural shock. She studied in Lyon, France and according to her experience the international student environment were quite easy to get in to, but the French mostly kept to them self.

As you read above I think that the advantages of studying abroad are great, and I would definitely recommend it.

Hello again blog readers

Today  have tested out a webpage called “think before you act” ( This is a website made with the purpose to educate people in internet safety. The site takes you trough themes like sharing personal information and pictures online. The site is easy to maneuver in when you first get started, but it is a little bit hard to find out where to start. By the way the site is built up and the way the videos are  made it looks like it is made for small children that need education about the dangers of the web. Even tough the site is made particularly for children, other people who are just having their first encounter with the web and/or social media.

Overall I think this is a great website for educating children about the web, but the layout on the front page could be changed to make it more user friendly.

Short Intro Bridges

Bridges have been important since the first human walked the surface of the earth. The first bridges were primitive and natural. Rocks in an river and blown down threes are examples of these witch made the movement of humans a lot faster. What is really fascinating is how this natural bridges became large structures stretching tenths of kilometers.


In my in depth project I will try to find out how it is possible to build this fascinating structures, and maybe even try to describe one magnificent bridge.