Today I have tested several monolingual dictionaries.









I tested them by writing 5 words in each dictionary and compared them afterwords.

The three dictionaries i think is the best:

1: Clue, it is a very neat dictionary that is easy to use. It is also a plus that you have to dowload it so that you can use it if you are ofline.

2: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/drought, this dictionary is one of the neatest online dictionary. It is a plus that it has list with other words that has your searchword in it. there is also some example sentences with the word you search for.

3: http://nhd.heinle.com/home.aspx, this is quite similar to the 2. place dictionary, but i am pulling it down because you need to click on the word you searched for to get it up.



Isaac is a hurricane that has been approaching the coast of Louisiana and Mississippi this last week. Isaac is predicted to hit at the same time, at the same place and have the same destructive force as Katrina had in 2005. Katrina killed nearly 2000 people and caused damages for approximateely 100billion$. Do to this prediction the state of Louisiana has evacuated 50 000 residents.

Isaac has already killed at least eight people in Haiti that is still suffering from the earthquake in 2010.

Since the storm comes from the Mexican gulf USA had to shut down many of their oil and gas rigs in the gulf. This leads to a big loss for the energy companies that own thes rigs. The airline companies will also feel the effect of the hurricane and have already canceled a lot of flights. This will cause a big loss in the American economy that already has gotten big losses in farming because of the drought in the Central USA.

Isaac will probably be a big discussion in the presidential election campaign and a case that could be the tilting one that decides the next president.

Living in Norway

Hello again dear readers.

For those of you who has not read my last post. I live in Norway!

In Norway we got free health care, child benefits and other public treats. But despite this luxury Norway has one big crack: The short, cold and rainy summers. This is maybe the biggest problem in this rich oil filled country, because is there anything that concerns Norwegians, is it the weather. While Europe and rest of the world is in deep economical troubles and are having large budget cuts an cuts in the welfare benefits, the main subject of a common Norwegian conversation is not budget cuts but it is still the weather. We also got a beautiful nature her in Norway but it is only beautiful if the weather is good. Skiing is a way to enjoy the nature, but also this is only fun if the weather is nice.

So living in Norway is all about luxury, weather, skiing (if the weather is good) and beautiful nature (if the weather is good).

Welcome Bloggreaders!

Welcome bloggreaders.

Maybe you have searched the internett with the keysentence “cool and fancy bloggs”, or maybe you just wantet to read some bloggs and stumbled over mine. But no matter how you came to my blogg you all have one thing in common, you are all reading this blogg. Now that you are aware that you are reading this blogg I can start telling a little bit about my self. I am a 16 year old boy that lives in Asker-Norway. In my spare time i am playing tennis, shooting, does my homeworks and are with friends. 60 minutes ago i got an assigment from my theatcher, this assigment was to make a blog so here it is.