Living in Norway

Hello again dear readers.

For those of you who has not read my last post. I live in Norway!

In Norway we got free health care, child benefits and other public treats. But despite this luxury Norway has one big crack: The short, cold and rainy summers. This is maybe the biggest problem in this rich oil filled country, because is there anything that concerns Norwegians, is it the weather. While Europe and rest of the world is in deep economical troubles and are having large budget cuts an cuts in the welfare benefits, the main subject of a common Norwegian conversation is not budget cuts but it is still the weather. We also got a beautiful nature her in Norway but it is only beautiful if the weather is good. Skiing is a way to enjoy the nature, but also this is only fun if the weather is nice.

So living in Norway is all about luxury, weather, skiing (if the weather is good) and beautiful nature (if the weather is good).


3 thoughts on “Living in Norway

  1. I guess you are being a little ironic here. Especially your ending. I hope we are not all about the weather and luxury, but I share your concern about how easy it is to complain when other countries are struggling with the economy. We are certainly very fortunate here.

  2. Well the weather here in Scottsbluff, Nebraska is pretty variable we get a lot of moisture but we are also in a drought right now. The weather have a affect on us just as bad as it does you. It affects us when were are trying to harvest beats and beans and when it rains we can’t cause the soil here is just so sand the tractors would get stuck

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