Isaac is a hurricane that has been approaching the coast of Louisiana and Mississippi this last week. Isaac is predicted to hit at the same time, at the same place and have the same destructive force as Katrina had in 2005. Katrina killed nearly 2000 people and caused damages for approximateely 100billion$. Do to this prediction the state of Louisiana has evacuated 50 000 residents.

Isaac has already killed at least eight people in Haiti that is still suffering from the earthquake in 2010.

Since the storm comes from the Mexican gulf USA had to shut down many of their oil and gas rigs in the gulf. This leads to a big loss for the energy companies that own thes rigs. The airline companies will also feel the effect of the hurricane and have already canceled a lot of flights. This will cause a big loss in the American economy that already has gotten big losses in farming because of the drought in the Central USA.

Isaac will probably be a big discussion in the presidential election campaign and a case that could be the tilting one that decides the next president.


2 thoughts on “Isaac

  1. Luckily the hurricane hasn’t been as serve as they feared. But it is perhaps not over yet? A lot of essential functions close down, like flights, and oil and gas rigs, during weather like this. No wonder it is expensive. If the hurricane is a mild one it probably will not effect the presidential campaign?

  2. Your post was very interesting, it was factual and sounded like a real news article. Maybe next time you could add another photo to your post.

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