Lamb to the slaughter is a short story that was written by Roald Dhal. The story is about a woman that murders her husband with a leg of lamb. She kills him because he have told her something disturbing. The text does not tell you directly what he said, but if you read between the lines it is most likely that he tells her that he have cheated on her. Rest of the story is about the investigation of the murder.

This story has a unexpected ending like many of Roald Dahl’s short stories. In this case the start of the story describes a more or less normal evening, but about in the middle of the story it makes a turn. In the end the investigators eats the lamb (the murder weapon), something that is completely unexpected.

So if you like action, crime and unexpected ending read “lamb to the slaughter” by Roald Dhal. 

lamb to the slaughter:


India and Lesotho

plese comment if some of the information is wrong.


School system.

Lesotho’s school system consists of twelve school years. 1. to 7. grade is called junior or primary school. Then there are 3 years of secondary primary/junior school or high school. And the last 2 years are called secondary high school. Then the students can choose to take higher education in universities.


Lesotho has about 2 million citizens.

President or monarcy?

Lesotho has a king. His name is Letso III.

National sport

Horse racing is very important in Lesotho.

What languages does you learn in school?

The two official languages is Sesotho and English (witch do you learn in school)


How do you celebrate your national day.

the 4. October is celebrated because Lesotho became independent from the UK. (how do you celebrate the national day)


What is your main economy?

2/3 of the income comes from agriculture. About 50% of the population. Mining and textile work are also strong economies.



1. How many vacations do they have in India? India only has 12 days as its minimum, but has the highest amount of public holidays with 16.

2. Are you satisfied with your school-system? Statistics from 2007 shows that 77% of Indian pupils are satisfied with their school-system.

3. Do they have many different activities to do in India? Yes, they do. There is a wide wildlife in India ready to get explored. There are also many attractions in India..

4. How do they celebrate their national day? 15. August. 1947 was the date when India got their independence day, this day is memorable for every Indian (Me included). They celebrate this day, with parades, military performance, dance, and singing.