Lamb to the slaughter is a short story that was written by Roald Dhal. The story is about a woman that murders her husband with a leg of lamb. She kills him because he have told her something disturbing. The text does not tell you directly what he said, but if you read between the lines it is most likely that he tells her that he have cheated on her. Rest of the story is about the investigation of the murder.

This story has a unexpected ending like many of Roald Dahl’s short stories. In this case the start of the story describes a more or less normal evening, but about in the middle of the story it makes a turn. In the end the investigators eats the lamb (the murder weapon), something that is completely unexpected.

So if you like action, crime and unexpected ending read “lamb to the slaughter” by Roald Dhal. 

lamb to the slaughter:


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