Pearl River Tower

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This week my class had to write one formal and one informal text about a topic that concerns the whole world so i choose to write about Pearl River Tower.


Skyscrapers are tall building that most of the time contains hundreds of squares meters off office space and sometimes they are filled with apartments. Most of the time we are finding these enormous buildings in large cities and the Pearl River Tower is no exception. The 71 stories and 310 meters high Pearl River tower is located in Guangzhou, China. Even though this tower seems like an ordinary tower it is one of the world’s most environmentally friendly buildings.

The Pearl River was mainly built for the Chinese national tobacco company. When they published the architectural competition for the new building they asked for something special, and the building of a new tower was a part of the city’s renovation before they held the Asian games. The best suggestion was the Pearl River tower and the designer had the goal to make the building 100% self reliable on energy.

Global warming has the last 10 years had a increased publicity and have been a big concern. China is a country that relies on fossil fuel as main energy source and 40% of the energy consume in the world is consumed by buildings, therefore the Pearl River Tower is a big step for a society that runs on clean energy. They planned to reach the 100% self sustainable energy goal by insert windturbines, solar cells, 50 methane gas generators, low emission glass and a newly developed air cooling system.

They designed the building as a high-performance construction, something that usually is used in sports cars and jet planes. They placed the front of the building towards the wind so that the building would catch the wind, something that is a radical design since it in a normal building would increase the wearing on the structure. Inside the building they integrated four wind turbines that is inside the building and gets its powers from the wind that the building’s facade collects. Inside the holes where the wind turbines is located the wind can accelerate up to three times the speed of the wind that passes by the building.

Because it is not allowed to sell energy from commercial buildings in china the owners of the tower decided not to build the methane gas generators because the costs were to high versa the savings they did by building them. Rest of the ides got integrated in the building and the building became the most energy efficient skyscraper in the world when it was

 finished in 2011.

If you want to learn more about the Pearl River tower you can watch these videos:


Have u heard about the cool tower in china? It’s name is pearl river tower. It’s awesome and it doesn’t consume so much energy as the other shitty skyscrapers. It’s a really important building since most of the energy in china comes from

dirty coal that’s ruining the atmosphere.  I think that we should build one in Norway too since we are the best country with the most money. The tower should get a lot more attention for its outstanding technology and environmentally friendly design.


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