This week we saw a movie in our English class, it is called “Big Miracle” and is about three whales that cot trapped in the ice in Alaska and the rescue of the whales. You can find literature about indigenous people in the English speaking world by visit your local library.


I do not think that this movie gave a realistic picture of how it is to live in Alaska besides the hard weather, because this was a movie BASED on a real event and it was a special situation that the movie was based on.

Intuits are the natives in Alaska and is a common name for the polar population that is speaking dialects of eastern or western-eskimo. The intuits on the coast of Alaska traditionally gets most of their food from sea animals that they hunt on the ice such as seals and whales. The intuits that lives in the inland gets their food from fishing, hunting and gathering.

The intuits have been more and more centralized as the immigration and industry have been effective their lives. Now most of the intuits lives in cities.

The cold war is also a theme that was in the movie. The cold war was a tension that was between USA and the Soviet Union. It was never war but the tension was so big that a war was hanging over the world. A constant weapons race between the nations were very expensive and ships, helicopters and other military vehicles got developed to withstand the toughest conditions. In the end of the movie we saw that Ronald Reagan called Mikhail Gorbatsjov to borrow a soviet icebreaker to set the whales free. These two men are the one that is considered too be the persons that ended the cold war.


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