Trace Effects

Today we watched Edward Scissorshands and played a game called Trace Effects, our task of today is to write a revitrace-01ew of Trace Effects or a review of Edward Scissorshands. I choose to write a review of Trace Effects. Trace Effects is a game developed by the U.S Department of State and recently got released. The game is a tool to help students that are between 12 and 16 years old to develop their English language and complement to the English language instruction.

The game is based on a main character called Trace. Trace is a boy that accidently traveled back in time from 2045. Now he needs help to go back to 2045 and you will lead him through his mission using your language skills. On the Trace Effects website the theme of the game “Geared toward young people, Trace Effects exposes users to American society and explores themes related to entrepreneurship, community activism, empowering women, science and innovation, environmental conservation, and conflict resolution.”

The idea of the game is very good and seems thought trough. The game reacts fast and when you first get it started but it takes really long time to start the game. The graphics is good and the conflicts in the game are thought trough but the voices could have been a little less robot sounding. Overall I give the game a four out of six.terningkast43

Here is a link to the game:


3 thoughts on “Trace Effects

  1. A very good way to practice and become so fluent… I’ve clicked on the game link and it looks like I need to create an account so I will just do it later…

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