Double Entry Journal “Enders Game”



“So it was from the buggers, not the humans, That Ender learned strategy. He felt ashamed and afraid of learning form them, since they was the most terrible enemy, ugly and monstrous and loathsome. But they were also good at what they did. To a point. They always seemed to follow one basic strategy only-gather the greatest number of ships at the key point of conflict. They never did anything surprising, anything that seemed to show ether stupidity or brilliance in a subordinate officer. Discipline was apparently very thigh.”

One of the main themes in the book is that you can learn more from your enemy then your friends. I choose this paragraph because it is one of the first times ender are analyzing the videos from the Bugger invasions. The rest of the book builds on how he is studying the videos.

“We’ve scraped together everything mankind could produce, a fleet that makes the one they sent against us last time seem like a bunch of kids playing in a swimming pool. We have some new weapons, too. But it might not be enough, even so. Because in the eighty years since the last war, they’ve had as much time to prepare as we have. We need the best we can get, and we need them fast. Maybe you’re not going to work out for us, and maybe you are. Maybe you’ll break down under the pressure, maybe it’ll ruin your life, maybe you’ll hate me for coming here to your house today. But if there’s a chance that because you’re with the fleet, mankind might survive and the buggers might leave us alone forever.”

This paragraph is the first one that really tells us readers when and under witch circumstances the book takes place. In this paragraph it clearly sais that the human kind have been the subject of an alien invasion and is preparing for another one. Therefore the action of the book takes place on earth where there is an constant threat of an alien attack.

“Yes,” said Graff. “Battle School is for training future starship captains and commodores of flotillas and admirals of the fleet.”

This paragraph tells us about the books plot simply because the plot is that the earths governments are breathing and sending small children  up to a space shuttle to be trained as commanders to defend the earth against an alien attack.

“It’s the teachers, they’re the enemy. They get us to fight each other, to hate each other. The game is everything. Win win win. It amounts to nothing. We kill ourselves, go crazy trying to beat each other, and all the time the old bastards are watching us, studying us, discovering our weak points, deciding whether we’re good enough or not.”

This paragraph is important to character development because it is in this paragraph the main character realizes that battle school is just a game and that it is the teachers that is the bad guys, not the students. This changes Enders sight on the battle school and has an influence on him the rest of the book.


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