The Greater The Struggle, The More Glorious The Triumph

Today we saw a short film called “Butterfly Circus” in our English class. The film was about a circus called “Butterfly Circus” that traveled around the USA and consisted of people that came from the gutters and had been brought up in to the light by the ring master. While they were driving around on their tour they visited a circus with a freak show where they met a guy with tiny malformed legs and no arms. The guy sneaked in to one of the “Butterfly Circus” trucks, and when they discover him they helped  him with almost everything.  Until one day when they were bathing in an lake and he had to cross it by himself. When he tried to cross he fell in to the water and almost drowned until he managed to swim, something he newer knew he could. From that day he was the greatest star on the circus.

I think that one of the things this movie is trying to tell us is that, the grater the struggle, the more glorious is the triumph.

the butterfly cicus

I think that the main character showed that  by the way he struggled with finding something he could do with his disability. And when he finally found it he felt really happy an was very happy to have achieved something everybody thought was impossible. Almost like when you are doing math and you are getting more happy the harder the puzzles you manage to solve.


3 thoughts on “The Greater The Struggle, The More Glorious The Triumph

  1. I can’t believe that he showed that much courage as to just randomly sneaking in one day to becoming a star of the show. I definitely agree with you when you said “the greater the struggle, the more glorious the triumph.” I find that to be very true because sometimes even I have to challenge myself to do greater things and sometimes the outcome isn’t what I expected it to be. What were your reactions to the short film as you were watching it during class? Would you want to learn more about him and possibly maybe other challenges he has accomplished?

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