Espen B. Eide

The 3rd of September, Espen Barth Eide came to our school and talked about foreign politics. In that regards he talked about the situation in Syria. He said that what we have is a really difficult situation, and it is hard to know what is the right thing to do.

It is not a war between two parties, it is a war between several – which makes the situation even harder.

He stated that the Security Council has yet to talk about the matter regarding the use of chemical weapons. As of right now, we have strong indications that those types of weapons was used – what we do not know is who used them. We have had a norm in about 90 years forbidding the use of chemical weapons, and he told us that he and the other foreign ministers in the other northern countries has written an appeal to the Security Council stating that they expect them to deal with the fact that chemical weapons has been used.

He also said that Norway as a country has a rather big responsibility, and all the countries has a shared responsibility to do something about the situation in Syria. He would, however, not state what Norway would do – he only stated a lot of possible reactions. He wanted to wait for UN’s findings.

Eide said that he thinks that it has been put too little emphasis on the foreign politics during the election campaign in Norway w


hich is being held today, September 9th.

He ended with saying that foreign politics deals with many important issues, those issues are more important than the question on how we are going to finance our roads.

On the 21st of August a gas attack was performed in the area in and around Damascus. With the number of civilians killed rising above 1000, this chemical weapons attack is the worst the world has seen since the 1980s.

The attack happened the night to the 21st, 3am local time (0000 GMT)

(See the timeline below)



August 21st:

(Reported on Facebook pages of the Syrian opposition)

01:15 – Heavy fighting in rebel held districts of Ghouta

02:45 – Reports of ‘’chemical shelling’’ in the Ein Tarma district

02:47 – Reports of ‘’chemical weapons’’ had been used in the Zamalka area of Ghouta

03:00 – Doctor who works(worked) in Irbin, told Human Rights Watch that attack began at 3am. He said at the time there was no fighting taking place between government forces and opposition fighters. The second doctor also told Human Rights WaTch his medical ce

nter treated 65 children.

05:30 – (Muhadhamiya, reports from another medical center) Reports of another attack.

The symptoms

Large numbers of patients displayed convulsions, pinpoint pupils, excessive saliva and problems with breathing.

Medics treated patients with atropine.

Col Hamish de Bretton-Gordon( chemical weapon expert) thinks that there was a 3 phase attack.

UN Security Council

The United nations security council consists of 15 countries. Five of the member countries got a permanent seat at the council (USA, France, UK, China and Russia), while ten members only get elected for two years at the time. The security council task is to monitor the world situation and intervene if the world security is  at risk. The council is the only UN institution that has the power to ask for and use military power.

To interfere in a conflict the member countries of the council have to decide what to do and vote on a decision. For the council to take a decision nine of the member countries have to vote yes. But all the five permanent members got the chance to put in a veto. That means that even though 14 of the councils members votes positive, one of the permanent members could put in a veto on the decision and all the other positive votes will not count.


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28 thoughts on “Espen B. Eide

  1. This is an example of a well organized teamwork! Like the timeline, helps explain the conflict. it is as the Minister said, complicated! I also think it was a good idea to include the definition of what the security council does!

  2. It’s surprising that someone with a first language that is not English can be such an amazing writer. I think this blog was well thought out and you did a great job!

    • Am Abena and am from joliet west. My first language aint english because i from Afrrica. Is my three years in America and am loving but it sometimes boring.

  3. David,
    There were a few grammatical errors (has when it is supposed to be have) and I found it a little confusing to read (why did it go from “…how we are going to finance our roads.” straight to “On the 21st of August…”) but on a whole relatively well-written and informative. I also enjoyed the timeline and feel that it elaborated well added clarity that was a little bit lacking.
    Amber 🙂

  4. A very good blog post. I liked how you presented the Syrian attacks, and the Syrian doctors’ personal experiences during them. Lastly, it was a good move to present what the security council does.

  5. That’s a quite nice post you’v egot there, David, far more detailed than mine. Good to see that you’ve remembered to include who you worked with, but you should also have stated the timeline you have there is in fact found in a video on BBC ( Remember to state your souces in the future. 😉

  6. This is a great post! Well explained too. I enjoyed the time line and how you explained everything, meaning giving the definitions or what people do.

  7. Why are they attacking? Is there some sort of common ground that everyone can agree upon to maintain peace once again?

  8. I knew that there was a war in Syria but I did not know it was bad. I think it is very interesting that he came to your school and talked to you guys.

  9. You have great information I learned many new things that I honestly had no idea it even exsisted. you explained everythig in a way that was really easy to understand. I started to follow you that way I can get an email every time you post something. It is great that things like this exsist and that we have the teachers that we have to let us do things lke this.

  10. Hello! My name is Elise and I want to say very good descriptions! I understood everything and the time line helped me organize the events of what happened. My class is learning about Syria and I have a couple questions for you. One question is do you get visits often by Espen Barth Eide? Was this a big thing in your school? Did he go to all schools High Schools in Syria? Also, does people’s attitude change when you are discussing the war? These questions would help me understand what kind of visits your school gets and if other schools are the same or different. It would also help me understand how people react to this topic. Please respond to me when you read this comment. I hope all goes well!

  11. I find this shocking. The fact that chemical warfare has taken place is discusting. I don’t know a lot on the topic but i would imagine that someone could stop the use of chemical weaponry in Syria.

  12. With your country having a big responsibilitty in the war, are you worried that your country will be targeted for the next attack?

  13. Hi im SeanB4 and I think its sad what you guys are going through and I think it is something similar to what America is going through now with 9/11 . 9/11 is a day that will be remembered for centuries . September 9, 2001 two planes were crashed into the twin towers and killed thousands of people and the attackers were Muslim . So, what my connection is that now people are be violent towards people for no reason because of their religion because the terrorists were muslim so innocent people are being blamed , thats Prejudice and is unacceptable.

  14. Hello, my name is Dalen. I was reading your article above and it really opened me up to the conflict in Syria. I really had no idea what was going on there but the information you provided that the Foreign Affairs Minister talked about really gave me a good idea. I would also like to know whats your take or opinion on the conflict happening in Syria? Do you feel the conflict should keep happening or they should put a stop to it?

    Also go check out my blog posts over at I will be posting within the next day.

  15. I like your work you explain your information very well. I also like how you have the time line and the way its set up. Now I know more about the Security Council and the other main facts you talked about.

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