Gran Torino

Hello again dear blog readers. Today we watched “Gran Torino” at school and I will present to you a “short” text where I answer 5 of the bullet point questions about the movie found here.


  1. How would you describe Walt’s relationship with his family?

Well, Walt’s (Walt is the main character) relationship with his family is not very good. He is described as an old and grumpy man and he thinks that his family is a bunch of douchbags. Because of his grumpy attitude his sons families do not really like to hang out with him and therefore the relationship between him and his family is really poor.


  1.  At the start of the movie, Walt is seen at his wife’s funeral. What impression does he have of his son’gran torinos family from these scenes?

In these first scenes his impression of his son’s families is described as really poor. He just grumps at every move that his family does. I can’t really blame him because some of his family members seem really vulgar and horrible.


  1. How would you describe the relationship between Walt and the priest? How does this relationship change during the movie?

As written above Walt isn’t very fond of other people, and the priest is no exception. Walt is grumpy while the priest tries to improve their relationship and make Walt his friend. During the movie Walt slowly trusts the priest more and more, before he in the end finally trusts him enough to confess his “sins”.

  1. Walt and his friend the barber have an interesting relationship. Do you think the way they talk to each other is appropriate or inappropriate? Why or why not? Do you think it is okay to speak the way they do if both individuals are okay with the language? Why or why not?

Their language would seem inappropriate for someone who haven’t met them before. But their rough language is their way of talking to each other and is appropriate because the both of them fully understands that they don’t really mean all that they are saying. Yes, I think is okay for them to talk that way to each other, because it is a part of their own little culture and they both understand that the other person is just kidding.

  1. How does the physical state of the neighborhood impact the movie? What does the condition of the homes say about the neighborhood? How has the neighborhood’s population changed over the years and why?

The poor physical state of the neighborhood makes the issue of gangs seem more likely and terrifying. The condition of the homes says that the neighborhood is really poor since it citizens don’t even have the resources to maintain their own house. The population of the neighborhood has changed to a neighborhood with a lot of Vietnamese Hmong people over the years. The reason for that change is that its old citizens slowly died while the Vietnamese fled to America and bought the houses so that they had a place to live.