English around the world


Canada is originally an British/French colony and today about 77% of the Canadian population speaks English as first language. Since it have been an British and French colony the Canadian English has been influenced a lot from these two languages. Even tough British and French have influenced the language a lot, Canadian English still got the greatest connection to American English. The American English is often referred to as north American English because people with English as an second language often find it very difficult to separate the Canadian on American English. One of the thing that is really characteristic for the Canadian dialect is the pronunciation of “-out” witch is often pronounced “-oot” or “-oat”, just like they pronounce it in Scotland.


Just like Canada India were an British colony until it broke free in 1947. about 40% of the Indian population speaks Hindu as main language and together with Hindu English is the official language, but they got 22 official regional languages. You can disguise the Indian English accent particularly by their pronunciation of “r” witch they pronounce like “L”. Her is a video that illustrates Indian English: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wav-mP9EUMc


British English is distinguished by the politeness of the accent. “Please” is frequently used and” Mr./miss” is also commonly used. Even though the politeness of the language is easily recognizable, the pronunciation of the vocals is a more certain factor. Englishmen often “drag” out a lot of the vocals.


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