What Did I Learn Today?

Jeremy Gilley is an English actor born in 1969. He grew up in South Hampton and started acting professionally when he was 17 years old. He acted until 1994 when he started P.U.R.E-productions witch is a film making company. In 1998 he made a film called ” Peace One Day”. The documentary was about making an annual day that would be an international non-violence and ceasefire day.  And in 1999 Jeremy founded the non profit organization “Peace One Day”. In 2001 his work got acknowledged when he reached his goal and the UN recognized the 21. of September as an international non-violence and ceasefire day.

So far the day has been a success and a lot of people all around the world recognizes the day. In Afghanistan 2008 it was measured an 70% reduction in violent acts, and 1.6 million children got vaccinated against polio on the 21. of September as an effect of Gilley, his organization and UN’s work. In the year after (2009) the Taliban announced that they would not harm or stop any humanitarian workers the 21. September. That led to the vaccination of almost 1.2 million children in eight different provinces in Afghanistan.Peace_one_day_logo

Even though the day have led to large international actions The day is also about contributing to peace in your neighborhood. The ultimate goal for the founder of peace one day is for the whole world to recognize the day as a day of ultimate peace with no bulling or conflict.

Summed up what I learned today was that world peace is not an unachievable goal. Even though it is just for a day, we could do wonderful humanitarian work without the world in conflict. What we saw in Afghanistan is just the beginning of what we could achieve if Gilley and his foundation keeps on working for the day of global peace.

Sources: Jeremy Gilley, http://www.peaceoneday.org/


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