Why I would recommend studying abroad

Today our teacher was, so we had a substitute teacher. She had both studied and worked abroad so we got the task to interview her and write a post with the title ” why I would/ would not  recommend to study/work abroad”. After the interview I decided to write a post with the title “why I would recommend studying abroad”.

The last century the world have been more and more linked together. Inventions like the telephone, internet and airplanes have made travel and communication between countries and continents easier the ever. With this so called globalization, large companies have began to become international and multilingual employees are in great demand. Therefore an education from several countries would look great on a résumé. Therefore I would recommend everyone who got the opportunity to study abroad.

For some people a good resume is not a good enough reason, so what really set my mind were the responses our substitute teacher gave us when we interviewed her. Our impression were that se had a great time during her time abroad. globalisation2She said that the integration in to the  student environment went relatively smoothly, even tough it were a small cultural shock. She studied in Lyon, France and according to her experience the international student environment were quite easy to get in to, but the French mostly kept to them self.

As you read above I think that the advantages of studying abroad are great, and I would definitely recommend it.


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