The Great Debaters

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Today we saw the movie “The Great Debaters”. One of the themes in the movie were “Jon Crow Laws”. These laws were laws that was enacted between 1876 and 1965. these laws were state and local laws that separated the white and colored population in the old confederate states. This meant that white and colored people went to different schools, toilets, busses and so on… in the movie we follow a debate team of four who comes from a black collage. The team debates against other black collages, until they one day get to debate a white collage from Oklahoma. The theme of the debate whether black and white people should be allowed to go to the same schools, and in that debate there were a lot of good points.


Gran Torino

Hello again dear blog readers. Today we watched “Gran Torino” at school and I will present to you a “short” text where I answer 5 of the bullet point questions about the movie found here.


  1. How would you describe Walt’s relationship with his family?

Well, Walt’s (Walt is the main character) relationship with his family is not very good. He is described as an old and grumpy man and he thinks that his family is a bunch of douchbags. Because of his grumpy attitude his sons families do not really like to hang out with him and therefore the relationship between him and his family is really poor.


  1.  At the start of the movie, Walt is seen at his wife’s funeral. What impression does he have of his son’gran torinos family from these scenes?

In these first scenes his impression of his son’s families is described as really poor. He just grumps at every move that his family does. I can’t really blame him because some of his family members seem really vulgar and horrible.


  1. How would you describe the relationship between Walt and the priest? How does this relationship change during the movie?

As written above Walt isn’t very fond of other people, and the priest is no exception. Walt is grumpy while the priest tries to improve their relationship and make Walt his friend. During the movie Walt slowly trusts the priest more and more, before he in the end finally trusts him enough to confess his “sins”.

  1. Walt and his friend the barber have an interesting relationship. Do you think the way they talk to each other is appropriate or inappropriate? Why or why not? Do you think it is okay to speak the way they do if both individuals are okay with the language? Why or why not?

Their language would seem inappropriate for someone who haven’t met them before. But their rough language is their way of talking to each other and is appropriate because the both of them fully understands that they don’t really mean all that they are saying. Yes, I think is okay for them to talk that way to each other, because it is a part of their own little culture and they both understand that the other person is just kidding.

  1. How does the physical state of the neighborhood impact the movie? What does the condition of the homes say about the neighborhood? How has the neighborhood’s population changed over the years and why?

The poor physical state of the neighborhood makes the issue of gangs seem more likely and terrifying. The condition of the homes says that the neighborhood is really poor since it citizens don’t even have the resources to maintain their own house. The population of the neighborhood has changed to a neighborhood with a lot of Vietnamese Hmong people over the years. The reason for that change is that its old citizens slowly died while the Vietnamese fled to America and bought the houses so that they had a place to live.

Espen B. Eide

The 3rd of September, Espen Barth Eide came to our school and talked about foreign politics. In that regards he talked about the situation in Syria. He said that what we have is a really difficult situation, and it is hard to know what is the right thing to do.

It is not a war between two parties, it is a war between several – which makes the situation even harder.

He stated that the Security Council has yet to talk about the matter regarding the use of chemical weapons. As of right now, we have strong indications that those types of weapons was used – what we do not know is who used them. We have had a norm in about 90 years forbidding the use of chemical weapons, and he told us that he and the other foreign ministers in the other northern countries has written an appeal to the Security Council stating that they expect them to deal with the fact that chemical weapons has been used.

He also said that Norway as a country has a rather big responsibility, and all the countries has a shared responsibility to do something about the situation in Syria. He would, however, not state what Norway would do – he only stated a lot of possible reactions. He wanted to wait for UN’s findings.

Eide said that he thinks that it has been put too little emphasis on the foreign politics during the election campaign in Norway w


hich is being held today, September 9th.

He ended with saying that foreign politics deals with many important issues, those issues are more important than the question on how we are going to finance our roads.

On the 21st of August a gas attack was performed in the area in and around Damascus. With the number of civilians killed rising above 1000, this chemical weapons attack is the worst the world has seen since the 1980s.

The attack happened the night to the 21st, 3am local time (0000 GMT)

(See the timeline below)



August 21st:

(Reported on Facebook pages of the Syrian opposition)

01:15 – Heavy fighting in rebel held districts of Ghouta

02:45 – Reports of ‘’chemical shelling’’ in the Ein Tarma district

02:47 – Reports of ‘’chemical weapons’’ had been used in the Zamalka area of Ghouta

03:00 – Doctor who works(worked) in Irbin, told Human Rights Watch that attack began at 3am. He said at the time there was no fighting taking place between government forces and opposition fighters. The second doctor also told Human Rights WaTch his medical ce

nter treated 65 children.

05:30 – (Muhadhamiya, reports from another medical center) Reports of another attack.

The symptoms

Large numbers of patients displayed convulsions, pinpoint pupils, excessive saliva and problems with breathing.

Medics treated patients with atropine.

Col Hamish de Bretton-Gordon( chemical weapon expert) thinks that there was a 3 phase attack.

UN Security Council

The United nations security council consists of 15 countries. Five of the member countries got a permanent seat at the council (USA, France, UK, China and Russia), while ten members only get elected for two years at the time. The security council task is to monitor the world situation and intervene if the world security is  at risk. The council is the only UN institution that has the power to ask for and use military power.

To interfere in a conflict the member countries of the council have to decide what to do and vote on a decision. For the council to take a decision nine of the member countries have to vote yes. But all the five permanent members got the chance to put in a veto. That means that even though 14 of the councils members votes positive, one of the permanent members could put in a veto on the decision and all the other positive votes will not count.


This post is a collaboration between me, and

Erin Brockovich

One of greatest problems in the world today is the lack of clean drinking water. On their webpage, Unicef states that more that as much as 768 million people around the world do not have access to safe and clean drinking water. You might think that this is a problem only connected to poor and dry parts of the world like Africa, but that is not the whole truth. In a country like the USA you would believe that your tap water is safe to drink, or at least safe to shower and bath in. But in Hinkley, California residents started getting sick with nosebleeds, cancer and other serious diseases after chemicals leaked in to their water.

In our English class we watched a movie based on the story of Hinkley. In the movie Erin Brockovich is a single mother that gets a job at a law firm. While organizing files she discovers some suspicious blood samples. She starts to investigate, and finds out that the


gas and electric company has leaked out a dangerous chemical used to prevent rust. The chemical contaminates the drinking water and makes the habitants sick. She gathers over 600 victims and sues the company. They win and gets 333 million dollar. in the movie Erin get 2 million while the victim she first discovered got 5 million dollars.

The story behind the movie is totally different. In reality it was one of the victims that began to be suspicious when the gas company gave her an offer on her house ten times the market value. She asked the law firm Erin worked at to take a look at the case and they put Erin on the job. Erin collected evidence and gathered about 650 people in to the lawsuit. They won and got 333 million dollars where 133 million went to the law firm. Erin got her two million dollars, but the woman that discovered the crime did not get the 5 million as said in the movie.

The Greater The Struggle, The More Glorious The Triumph

Today we saw a short film called “Butterfly Circus” in our English class. The film was about a circus called “Butterfly Circus” that traveled around the USA and consisted of people that came from the gutters and had been brought up in to the light by the ring master. While they were driving around on their tour they visited a circus with a freak show where they met a guy with tiny malformed legs and no arms. The guy sneaked in to one of the “Butterfly Circus” trucks, and when they discover him they helped  him with almost everything.  Until one day when they were bathing in an lake and he had to cross it by himself. When he tried to cross he fell in to the water and almost drowned until he managed to swim, something he newer knew he could. From that day he was the greatest star on the circus.

I think that one of the things this movie is trying to tell us is that, the grater the struggle, the more glorious is the triumph.

the butterfly cicus

I think that the main character showed that  by the way he struggled with finding something he could do with his disability. And when he finally found it he felt really happy an was very happy to have achieved something everybody thought was impossible. Almost like when you are doing math and you are getting more happy the harder the puzzles you manage to solve.

New School Year

Welcome again dear blog readers. It is a new school year and this blog is back in business.

As the first post in this school year we are given the task to write about being young in Norway and our expectations for the new school year.

So what would it say to be young in Norway? Well being young in Norway is mostly about getting good grades and hanging out with friends. You might ask yourself: What do they do with their friends? Well, what we du with our friends is having fun. Fun for Norwegian youth is mostly playing videogames, laser tag, watching movies,

kebabeating kebab and partying. And who is paying for all this? Well, “pappa betaler”. For those of you who are not Norwegian, “pappa betaler” means “daddy pays”, and is an expression used by Norwegian youth to say that you are a daddy’s boy/girl and that he fixes all your problems.

Now the next thing I am going to write about is my expectations for this school year. First of all I expect that daddy  will keep paying and I hope that I  will improve my English. I also hope that this years English education  will be as exiting as the last.